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Expert BizTalk Server training from the company that developed the Microsoft Official Curriculum (MOC 2933 & 2934) for BizTalk. Learn to develop and manage BizTalk Server solutions with QuickLearn's accelerated BizTalk Server training.

No matter which version of BizTalk Server your company is using, we have you covered — QuickLearn has been the industry leader in Microsoft integration training for over a decade, and our team has delivered the world’s most comprehensive training content going back to BizTalk Server 2004. We offer at least one BizTalk Server class nearly every week, more than any other training company, and have helped thousands of developers and IT professionals gain the technical insight required to make BizTalk Server run at peak effectiveness.

Our training caters to the role-specific needs of developers and administrators at a variety of skill levels. We deliver training in a variety of formats: live classes that are also remote-enabled; convenient self-paced video classes; one-on-one mentoring; or bring us onsite to lead a group training for your entire team. No matter which version or format you choose, our goal is always to make you self-sufficient as quickly as possible.

Introductory BizTalk Server TrainingBizTalk Introductory Training

Introductory BizTalk Training. Get an overview of BizTalk capabilities and toolsets.
  • For developers and admins
  • Self-paced, online anytime
  • 12+ hours of lecture, demo, and labs
  • Study lessons in any order

Essential BizTalk Server TrainingBizTalk Essentials Training

Essential BizTalk Training. Learn to design, build, and manage BizTalk Solutions.
  • For developers and admins
  • Live instructor training
  • 50% hands-on labs
  • Attend in person or remotely from home, office, or a partner location

Advanced BizTalk Server TrainingBizTalk Expert Training

Advanced BizTalk Training. Learn to develop advanced BizTalk Solutions.
  • For experienced BizTalk developers only
  • Advanced drill-down topics
  • Self-paced, online anytime
  • Extensive hands-on labs
Course NameJob RoleSkill LevelFormatDuration
BizTalk 2010 Developer Immersion DeveloperNew to ProductInstructor-Led5 days
BizTalk 2010 for AdministratorsIT Pro/AdminNew to ProductInstructor-Led5 days
BizTalk 2010 Developer Deep DiveDeveloperAdvancedInstructor-Led5 days
BizTalk Expert Series: BAMDeveloperAdvancedSelf-Paced10 hours
BizTalk Expert Series: BREDeveloperAdvancedSelf-Paced10 hours
BizTalk Expert Series: EDIDeveloperAdvancedInstructor-Led3 days
BizTalk Expert Series: ESBDeveloperAdvancedInstructor-Led3 days
BizTalk Expert Series: TestingDeveloperAdvancedInstructor-Led2 days
BizTalk Expert Series: Testing StrategiesDeveloperAdvancedSelf-Paced10 hours

Which Class Is Best For Me?

If you are not sure whether you should choose an introductory or expert course, we've got you covered. Our self-assessment quiz can help you determine which class would be the best fit for you.

QuickLearn Offers Free Retakes

Come back to QuickLearn within six months to get a fresh perspective on the material. Our expert instructors will make sure you leave with new ideas and best practices to implement back at work.

BizTalk & TFS Training Testimony I was initially apprehensive about the remote teaching, but it was very well done and I never felt like I did not have my questions answered or my voice heard. (Tim McAteer)

Know Which Class You Need?

Great! The next step is registering for a class. Most of the concepts taught in our BizTalk 2013 classes will also work on BizTalk Server 2010, and our instructors can speak comprehensively to any differences that exist between versions. Our New to Product classes typically run every 4 weeks, and our Advanced classes usually run every 6 weeks. If you don't see a date that works for you, check out our schedule.

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