Building Expert Series training for BAM

By Rob Callaway

Over the past month I’ve been working really hard on our new BizTalk Expert Series class for Business Activity Monitoring. I have to say that I’m really excited to start teaching it. In three days, we manage to cover almost everything one could want to know about BAM. The most interesting part of it for me is the data consumption lab. I’ve never been very fond of the BAM Portal. It’s nice, but certainly not something that I’d like to parade in front of a CEO of a big company. Don’t get me wrong, the capabilities are awesome, but the way it looks and some of its behaviors aren’t the best. In the consumption lab, we examine how to create custom consumption models for BAM data using PerformancePoint, SQL Reporting Services, and an AJAX based web site. I’d never worked with PerformancePoint before and I was surprised by how easy it was to create a dashboard based on the BAM OLAP cube.

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