How to Make the Most of your Remote Training

By moniquebu

Prepare an Optimal Learning Environment

Prepare for the class by making sure that your workstation meets the minimum requirements, have a stable internet connection, a speakerphone or headset, and check for any firewall issues. By double checking everything before class starts you make the morning of class stress free.

Pre-Class Checklist:

When you’re setting up your learning environment, make sure you have an interruption free atmosphere so that you can focus on the class. It is easy to get distracted and miss important information.

Also, it is also helpful to have two computers or monitors to separately view the instructor presentation and remote into the hands-on lab environment.

Speak Up!

Every class starts with introductions. Take this opportunity to get to know your instructor, classmates, and to share about yourself as well as how your company is planning to use the technology. The more information the instructor has about your goals and expectations the better they can tailor the class to your needs.

During class, we highly encourage you to ask questions and participate in classroom discussion. The instructor presentation is only part of the training experience, a lot of the best learning happens organically through class participation. Don’t be shy! The instructors want to hear your questions and comments. It makes for a more exciting and interesting class for everyone.

If you have a question that may not be applicable to the entire class, the instructor may suggest that you take the conversation offline. Either way, we want to make sure you walk away with your questions answered.

Give Feedback

Don’t be afraid to give feedback throughout the week. If class is moving too fast or slow, you’re struggling with a lab, or experiencing technical difficulties, let us know right away. Please don’t wait until the end of week evaluations to let us know about any concerns. Most of these problems have an easy fix, the sooner we know the sooner we can get you back on track.

Connect with your Classmates and Instructors.

You can find most of our trainers and staff on LinkedIn or Facebook! We love to connect with our students and see how things go after training. If you had a great trainer, post your reviews or comments on our community to let other people know. On QuickLearn’s Facebook and LinkedIn pages, we share industry news, technical expertise, as well as special deals and events. We also encourage you to connect with your peers. You never know when those networks will come in handy!

Have Fun!

The most important thing is to relax and have fun. Our instructors are so passionate about technology and want to share that excitement with you. Encourage them by laughing at their jokes and throwing out a few of your own.

The QuickLearn team looks forward to having you in class. If there is anything that we can do to make your experience more enjoyable, please let us know!

QuickLearn’s SharePoint 2010 Training

By quicklearnteam

You will not run into your typical Hello World walkthrough with QuickLearn’s new SharePoint 2010 courseware. QuickLearn’s SharePoint 2010 curriculum are scenario-driven classes in which we set out to create real-life SharePoint solutions, dissect them and provide best practice solutions to real problems developers face. Our classes have greater focus on interesting issues such as:

  • Developing solutions that can be easily migrated into different environments and packaged for automatic deployment
  • Creating code in a secure fashion while working within the limitations of SharePoint’s sandbox solution model, writing client-side object model code that reduces external calls, batches operations, and attempts to reduce request size
  • Accessing custom external data sources that aren’t readily accessible with out of the box tooling

Our courses cover each topic in a broader way by providing more in depth labs. Rather than dozens of 10-15 minute labs our 45-60 minute labs provide a more complete picture of each topic.

We show you how to exercise SharePoint’s strengths, as well as work through some of its more challenging areas. Our classes won’t give you a simplified sales pitch that leaves you wanting more, but instead will provide real guidance, for real solutions.

For 20% off register before January 20th with the promotion code: NEWSP.