New TFS 2012 Test Automation, Web perf and loading test course

By Anthony Borton


QuickLearn is pleased to announce the addition of a brand new course to our list of TFS 2012 courses we currently offer. The new course is a two day course focusing on Test Automation (Coded UI Testing), Web Performance and Load Testing with Visual Studio 2012.

Here are just a few of the things covered in this course.

  • Describe the various testing capabilities in Visual Studio 2012
  • Create Coded UI Tests from action recordings and using the Coded UI Test Builder
  • Understand the structure of Coded UI Tests and edit the generated code
  • Bind Coded UI Tests to a variety of different data sources
  • Run automated tests in a number of environments
  • Upgrade existing web performance and load tests from Visual Studio 2010
  • Create and edit Web Performance Tests and analyse test results
  • Create and edit Load Tests and analyse test results
  • Configure an environment for executing Web Performance and Load Tests

This course is more technical than our existing testing course and attendees will spend much of their time working in Visual Studio 2012. While attendees won’t write any code from scratch, being able to read and understand VB or C# code is required to get the most from this course.

This new course joins our existing 2-day course “Software Testing with Visual Studio 2012” to provide excellent coverage of the testing features available in Visual Studio 2012.

Two Testing Courses

This new course has already been delivered successfully in overseas markets and is scheduled to run here in the US on the following dates over the next few months.

You can attend this training in-person in our Kirkland, WA office or you can attend remotely from your home or office using our remote classroom infrastructure.

Remember, QuickLearn has a no-cancellation policy so if you book on these courses, they will definitely run!