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BizTalk Expert Series: EDI

Length: 3 days
Audience: Developer
Skill Level: Advanced
Technology: BizTalk Server
Format: Instructor-Led
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Course Description 

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is an electronic communication method that provides standards for exchanging data via electronic means. These standards enable two different companies or organizations, even in two different countries, to electronically exchange documents such as purchase orders, invoices, shipping notices, and many others. Organizations all over the world use EDI as the foundation for intra-business communication. 

This three-day course is designed for experienced BizTalk Developers and Administrators who are responsible for planning, creating, and deploying EDI-based integration solutions using BizTalk Server. Attendees of this course will learn how to implement sophisticated business-to-business integration solutions using EDIFACT, X12 (including HIPAA), and AS2. 

In this course, attendees will receive live instruction from one of our expert trainers, in-classroom demonstrations, challenging hands-on labs, and an electronic copy of the presentation materials and lab guide with hands-on activities. 


Currently, this class is delivered onsite only. QuickLearn can deliver onsite training at your facility anywhere in the world. Also, let us know if you think we should schedule a future class in your city!

If you would like to receive information and pricing for onsite training at your facilities, please contact us.

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