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Cloud-Based Classroom

  • Bring our training to you!
  • Instructor can be onsite or remote
  • Connect remote staff into class
  • Use our virtual environment
  • Access our hosted hands-on labs
QuickLearn offers a variety of virtual classroom solutions for connecting instructors and students. Our cloud-based hands-on lab environment and digital audio system enables us to deliver training at any location with broadband Internet access. This permits us to deliver a high-quality training environment with minimal setup and hardware requirements at your location.

Possible options for our cloud-based training environments include:
  • Our instructor teaches the class at your facility (or a local training room) - Students connect to our hosted hands-on lab environment using any windows-based desktop or laptop computer. Remote students participate in lecture and discussions using our conferencing system.
  • Our instructor teaches the class at our facility - Students can either attend in person or connect to the teleconferencing system and hands-on lab environment.

Our Equipment
Our goal is to provide remote students with a reliable and optimal learning environment through high-speed internet connections and high-performance lab workstations. Our recently upgraded virtual classroom environment is equipped with:
Cloud-based classroom
  • High-speed fiber-optic communications that support up to 20mps data transfers.
  • High-performance multi-core Windows-based servers loaded with RAM and using disks in RAID0 arrays for raw I/O speed.
  • Uninterruptable Power Supplies (UPS) protect all communications equipment, network servers, and student computers against brown-outs and temporary power outages.

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