QuickLearn - Distance Learning / Remote Class Instruction (RCI)

Remote Classroom Instruction (RCI)

Using the latest technologies, QuickLearn has developed an innovative solution for distance learning that makes it possible for students to attend our classes without the need to travel. Remote Classroom Instruction (RCI) enables you to participate in classroom training from any location, just as if you were attending in person.

Virtual Training from any Location

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All you need is a Windows-based computer and broadband internet connection in order to:
  • Participate in classroom lecture and discussions
  • View instructor presentations, demonstrations, and whiteboard illustrations
  • Work with fully configured hands-on labs that are hosted on our servers

Interactive Student Portal

The Web-based Student Portal is a custom Silverlight application that displays real-time audio and video feeds of the instructor computer, the classroom whiteboard, and hosted lab images. Our hosted hands-on lab environment eliminates the need for complex and time-consuming setup on your local computer – simply connect to your personalized lab image to complete a hands-on lab over the internet. Labs are available 24 hours a day during your training session, which means you can complete the hands-on labs at your own convenience.

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