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Take Visual Studio Team Foundation Server training from the experts in TFS and ALM training solutions.

Visual Studio Team Foundation Server (TFS) is the collaboration platform at the core of Microsoft's Application Lifecycle Management solution. TFS automates the software delivery process and gives you the tools you need to effectively manage software development projects throughout the IT lifecycle.

Learn how to use Microsoft's Application Lifecycle Management suite to improve your software development process. Our Visual Studio TFS courses will quickly have your teams collaborating using Team Foundation Server and other Visual Studio ALM tools, such as Microsoft Test Manager. QuickLearn offers TFS training for solutions architects, project managers, developers, testers, and IT professionals.

Introductory TFS TrainingIntroductory TFS Training

Learn the basics of administering and configuring TFS
  • For IT pros and admins
  • Live instructor training
  • No experience with TFS necessary
  • Attend from anywhere in the world

TFS Professional TrainingTFS Professional Training

You are familiar with TFS, and now you need the details
  • For teams, PMs, testers, and developers
  • Instruction from ALM Rangers
  • Learn some of the advanced features of TFS
  • Attend in person, or from your home or office

Advanced TFS TrainingAdvanced TFS Training

Learn to develop advanced solutions for Visual Studio and TFS
  • For experienced TFS professionals only
  • Advanced drill-down topics
  • Attend from anywhere in the world
  • Learn from Microsoft Certified Professionals
Course NameJob RoleSkill LevelFormatDuration
ALM Solutions using Visual Studio TFS 2012DeveloperNew to ProductInstructor-Led5 days
Build, Release, and Monitor Software Using Visual Studio 2013DeveloperNew to ProductInstructor-Led3 days
Implementing TFS 2010 Team SolutionsDeveloperNew to ProductInstructor-Led5 days
Managing Projects with TFS 2012Project ManagerNew to ProductInstructor-Led2 days
Professional Scrum Developer (.NET)DeveloperNew to ProductInstructor-Led5 days
TFS 2010 for DevelopersDeveloperNew to ProductInstructor-Led2 days
TFS 2010 for Project ManagersProject ManagerNew to ProductInstructor-Led2 days
TFS 2010 for TestersDeveloperNew to ProductInstructor-Led2 days
TFS 2010 Virtual Lab ManagementIT Pro/AdminNew to ProductInstructor-Led2 days
TFS 2012 Developer FundamentalsDeveloperNew to ProductInstructor-Led2 days
TFS 2013 Configuration & AdministrationIT Pro/AdminNew to ProductInstructor-Led3 days
ALM Solutions Using Visual Studio TFS 2013TeamIntermediateInstructor-Led5 days
Applied Scrum Using Visual Studio 2013TeamIntermediateInstructor-Led3 days
Managing Projects with Microsoft Visual Studio TFS 2013Project ManagerIntermediateInstructor-Led2 days
Software Testing with Visual Studio 2012DeveloperIntermediateInstructor-Led2 days
Software Testing with Visual Studio 2013TesterIntermediateInstructor-Led3 days
TFS 2010 for AdministratorsIT Pro/AdminIntermediateInstructor-Led3 days
TFS 2012 Configuration and AdministrationIT Pro/AdminIntermediateInstructor-Led3 days
TFS 2013 Developer FundamentalsDeveloperIntermediateInstructor-Led2 days
Test Automation, Web Performance and Load Testing with Visual Studio 2013DeveloperAdvancedInstructor-Led2 days

QuickLearn Offers Free Retakes

An added value of every QuickLearn course is our free retake policy. Our accelerated courses are so content-rich that we invite students to come back within six months to pick up additional takeaways.

BizTalk & TFS Training Testimony This is my second course within the past 30 days with QuickLearn trainers and I would not consider training with another group. [They] made me feel that I wasn't just another body on an attendee roll, but that my time and willingness to learn was valuable. (Jeremy Springer)

Know Which Class You Need?

Great! The next step is registering for a class. Most of the concepts taught in our TFS 2012 classes will also work on TFS 2010, and our instructors are experts at pointing out the differences for classes with a mix of students. If you don't see a date that works for you, check out our full schedule.

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