Want to Learn BizTalk Development? New Self-Paced BizTalk Training

By quicklearnteam

Get a complete overview of BizTalk server 2009 developer capabilities and toolsets with QuickLearn’s new self-paced course: BizTalk Developer Fundamentals.

This brand new course provides an introduction to developing applications with BizTalk Server 2009. New-to-product developers will learn how-to work with Visual Studio and BizTalk developer tools to jumpstart their BizTalk projects. 

The BizTalk Developer Fundamentals Training includes an overview of:

  • Creating BizTalk Schemas
  • Creating BizTalk Maps & Functoids
  • Message BizTalk Routing & Ports
  • Building BizTalk Pipelines
  • Building BizTalk Orchestrations

The subscription to the BizTalk Developer Fundamentals training includes:

  • 60-days of access to video presentations and demos
  • 15 hours of lab time
  • Online Support

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