QuickLearn’s SharePoint 2010 Training

By quicklearnteam

You will not run into your typical Hello World walkthrough with QuickLearn’s new SharePoint 2010 courseware. QuickLearn’s SharePoint 2010 curriculum are scenario-driven classes in which we set out to create real-life SharePoint solutions, dissect them and provide best practice solutions to real problems developers face. Our classes have greater focus on interesting issues such as:

  • Developing solutions that can be easily migrated into different environments and packaged for automatic deployment
  • Creating code in a secure fashion while working within the limitations of SharePoint’s sandbox solution model, writing client-side object model code that reduces external calls, batches operations, and attempts to reduce request size
  • Accessing custom external data sources that aren’t readily accessible with out of the box tooling

Our courses cover each topic in a broader way by providing more in depth labs. Rather than dozens of 10-15 minute labs our 45-60 minute labs provide a more complete picture of each topic.

We show you how to exercise SharePoint’s strengths, as well as work through some of its more challenging areas. Our classes won’t give you a simplified sales pitch that leaves you wanting more, but instead will provide real guidance, for real solutions.

For 20% off register before January 20th with the promotion code: NEWSP.

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