Need TFS 2015 training? We’ve got you covered.

By Anthony Borton

Now that Visual Studio 2015 has been officially released and TFS 2015 is only weeks away, it’s time to look at your training plan to ensure your team is able to maximize the benefits this new version offers.

We’re been busy over the past few months updating our existing range of TFS training courses for the 2015 version. We’ve also built two completely new courses from scratch to meet the demands of our clients.

So what sets our courses apart from others?

  • Proven track record. We’ve been delivering TFS courses internationally for many years and have thousands of  knowledgeable and productive students to show for it.
  • Built by training professionals. Our courses have been written not only by leading subject matter experts but by experienced technical trainers that know the best way to present technical content to a range of audiences.
  • Role based training. Our courses focus on specific roles in a team so that people can get training focused on exactly what they need to do on their job.
  • Completely up to date. Our courses are constantly being updated to ensure we’re current with all Microsoft product updates.

We have a full list of our TFS 2015 courses and scheduled courses on our website at

Visual Studio 2015 is officially released!

By Anthony Borton

Monday 20th July was a big day for Visual Studio with the official release of Visual Studio 2015, .NET 4.6 and much more. There are a number of compelling features that will likely mean that many organizations will choose to install this update sooner rather than later.

Here’s just a few of my favorite things in the new version.

  •  A completely new Build automation system. This is not only easier, faster and more powerful, but also now cross-platform.
  • Cross platform. Build for windows, Android and iOS!
  • More features for less money. With the removal of the “Premium” edition of Visual Studio in 2015, anyone with Visual Studio 2013 Premium with MSDN is now upgraded automatically to Visual Studio 2015 Enterprise edition. Now you get ALL the Visual Studio features.

Naturally there are many, many new features and the Visual Studio site goes through the list in detail. You can even watch recorded sessions from launch event including some great Q&A.