Learn at Your Own Pace with QuickLearn Online Anytime BizTalk Training!

By quicklearnteam

Take control of your learning experience – get the BizTalk training you need when and where you want it.

Online Anytime Self-Paced Training offers QuickLearn’s high-quality BizTalk training, hands-on lab experience, and instructor support, without the cost of travel or set hours.

Self-paced training for BizTalk Server 2009/2010 includes…

  • Instructor-led video presentations
  • Technical demonstrations
  • Remote hands-on labs
  • Technical support

QuickLearn’s Online Anytime Self-Paced BizTalk Training Provides:

  • Cost Savings – no travel costs and lower tuition fees
  • Flexibility – set your own hours and study from home or work
  • Control – choose your lessons and study in any order

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Turn learning Office into a game

By quicklearnteam

After spending hours learning to play the fake guitar simply to get a higher score, I often wondered why someone couldn’t make a game to learn useful skills. Where’s arithmetic Hero? Going-to-bed-on-time Hero? Microsoft Office Ribbon Hero?

Well, at least the last one finally exists. Microsoft Ribbon Hero lets you learn to use the Microsoft Ribbon and earn points while doing it. They even have Facebook integration so you can compete against your friends and coworkers. (My FB account is here, if you want to challenge me)

image image

The premise of the Ribbon is based on sound UI design (it’s even won awards), but it’s so different than what we were used to. If you’re like me, you’ve figured out where your most commonly used items are on the Ribbon, but haven’t fully explored the other features and often have to hunt for that one option that you use so rarely. Well, let’s take that need for points and apply it to learning something we can actually use in everyday life.

Finally, a game you can play in front of the boss. After all, you’re increasing productivity!