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Frequently Asked Questions About Remote Training

Here are some of the most common questions we get about our Remote Classroom Instruction training.

Our classroom-in-the-cloud solution provides remote students with a learning environment that closely resembles the in-person classroom experience. Our primary goal is to enable students to attend our classes remotely while still maintaining the high-quality learning experience that occurs with in-person instructor-led training
Our phone conferencing system and Internet-based meeting software enables you to attend a class from anywhere in the world. When connected, you have the ability to view live instructor presentations, white board drawings, and product and technology demonstrations. All classrooms are equipped with high-definition phone conference equipment that enables both local and remote students to participate in live two-way classroom discussions. Additionally, for the duration of the class, students have 24-hour access to our hands-on lab environment which is hosted on high-performance computers over a high-speed Internet connection.
Our training is not simply a replay of pre-recorded instructor presentations and screencasts. Our training model is based on the belief that students learn best in a fully interactive training environment that includes comprehensive hands-on lab activities and workshops. Remote students are always encouraged to ask questions and engage in classroom discussions with the instructors as well as other students.
You can attend a class from any location equipped with a phone and broadband internet connection. This can be from your home, place of business, or 3rd party location. In several instances, we have had multiple students from a company attend class from a multimedia-equipped conference room. In this case, the instructor presentation was displayed from an overhead TV projection system while students used laptop computers to complete the hands-on labs.

Additionally, we have partner relationships with over 150 training center locations across the U.S. This enables you to attend class from a location close to your home or place of business. All partner locations are equipped with a phone system, computer, and broadband Internet connection.
We use remote meeting software that enables you to view the instructor presentation, whiteboard drawings, and demonstrations. You will also install remote desktop software on your classroom computer (Windows, Linux, or Mac) to access the hands-on lab computer hosted at the QuickLearn training center in Kirkland Washington. The installation process takes less than 3 minutes.
There are three different communication channels between you and the instructor: classroom audio, instructor presentation, and student workstations.
  • The classroom audio enables you to listen to the instructor presentation and to have discussions with other students. Prior to class you will be provided with a conference calling number. We highly recommend a phone with a headset or at the very least a speakerphone.
  • The instructor presentation is delivered over the Internet using remote meeting software. This enables you to view the live instructor presentation, drawings, and demonstrations as if you were sitting in the classroom. The only difference is that remote students view this on their monitor while local students view this on the classroom projector and whiteboard.
  • Hands-on labs are hosted on our computers and accessed over the Internet. The remote desktop software is extremely efficient and does not require a great deal of network bandwidth. The instructor has the ability to view your progress and assist you with problems and questions as you complete the labs.
Each instructor computer is outfitted with a webcam. Most instructors use the camera during introductions and briefly when coming back from breaks so that you will be able to “put a voice to a face.” However, video is not running throughout the course. Throughout the class you will be able to see the instructor’s presentation, demonstrations, and the whiteboard drawings.
You simply ask a question as you would in a regular class. Speaker phones and a phone bridge connect all of the remote classrooms. Usually a group or individual in a remote classroom will mute the speaker phone so they can talk among themselves during the class or to eliminate external noise. When they need to ask the instructor a question, they simply un-mute the phone and speak up.
Just ask for help like in a regular class. The instructor is able to see your screen and with your permission, can take over your mouse and keyboard to help you, if necessary. The instructor will indicate the best method for you to use to get his/her attention for lab help.
Yes, you can take any class from your home office or place of business. You will need a speaker phone and a high-speed internet connection and unlimited long-distance.
We offer an unconditional money back guarantee. If you don’t like the class, let us know by the break on the morning of the first day of class. You will be able to leave with no cancellation penalty.
We have invested in specialized communications equipment and incur a number of ongoing costs to support our cloud-based classroom infrastructure. These costs include high-speed Internet connections, a high definition phone conferencing bridge, and monthly licensing fees for the remote meeting and remote desktop software. We do not pass these costs on to our remote students. All class fees are the same regardless of the student location.
QuickLearn offers a variety of virtual classroom solutions for connecting instructors and students. Our cloud-based hands-on lab environment and high-definition phone conferencing system enables us to deliver training at any location with broadband Internet access. This enables us to deliver a high-quality training environment with minimal hardware and setup requirements. Possible options for our cloud-based training environments include:
  • Your Facility. Our instructor teaches the class at your facility (for example, a conference room or a rented training room) - Students connect to our hosted hand-on lab environment using a windows-based desktop or laptop computer. Remote students participate in lecture and discussions using our conferencing system.
  • Our Facility. Our instructor teaches the class our facility - Students can either attend in person or connect to the conferencing system and hands-on lab environment from a remote location.
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