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Live Remote Training

Live Remote Training from Anywhere
  • Connect to us remotely
  • Attend a live class
  • Save travel costs
  • 24-hour access to hands-on labs
Using the latest technologies, QuickLearn has developed an innovative solution for distance learning that makes it possible for students to attend one of our public classes without the need to travel.

Our phone conference system and hosted lab environment make it easy to participate in classroom training from any location, just as if you were attending in person.

All you need is a Windows, Linux, or MacOS X computer, and broadband internet connection in order to:
  • Participate in classroom lecture and discussions
  • View instructor presentations, demonstrations, and whiteboard illustrations
  • Work with fully configured hands-on labs hosted on our servers 24-hours a day

The system requirements for connecting to our classroom from a remote location include:
  • Phone connection – This is used to listen to the instructor presentation and to participate in class discussions. We recommend a low cost or no-cost VOIP phone line that does not charge for long distance calls within the U.S. You can also use Skype. Here are the two most common ways that students connect to our classes:
    1. Speaker phone – Preferably with a mute option to eliminate background noise when you are not talking.
    2. Headset – This is the ideal way to participate in our classes, especially if you are working from a public area with background noise. We recommend a noise cancelling headset.
  • Internet access – You will use an Internet connection to view the instructor presentation slides and to complete the hands-on labs. Our bandwidth requirements are fairly minimal (a 384kb downstream speed provides adequate results). However a faster connection will provide a much better experience when working with the hands-on labs.

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Classroom Experience
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